01. The government has agreed to [allocate] funds for the restoration of the old town.
02. The company director wants to [allocate] additional staff to the marketing department.
03. The new budget [allocates] an increase of over a billion dollars to the Ministry of Health.
04. Members of the Opposition want the government to review its aid [allocation] for Haiti in response to a recent report on human rights abuses in the island nation.
05. A request for the [allocation] of additional funds has been sent to the Board of Directors.
06. A plan has been outlined to [allocate] a sizeable portion of the land under development to the construction of low-cost housing.
07. The money set aside for the new project has been [reallocated] to the expansion of a different project.
08. Due to the huge demand, tickets will be [allocated] using a lottery system.
09. The admin staff is suggesting that the space which has been [allocated] for their offices in the new building is insufficient.
10. Almost half of a teacher's time is [allocated] to preparing classes and marking assignments and tests.
11. As a social selection agency, the school has the job of identifying, [allocating] and certifying talent.
12. Parents are concerned that only 3% of the school's budget is being [allocated] towards purchasing computer equipment, while over 60% will go towards increasing salaries for teachers and administrators.
13. We were able to sell our entire [allocation] of tickets for the charity concert in just over a week.
14. By [allocating] an extra two billion dollars to the health budget, we expect that waiting lists for surgery will be greatly reduced.
15. The Prime Minister has promised to [allocate] additional funds for municipalities in the upcoming budget.
16. The majority of forests in this province have been [allocated] through long term licenses mostly controlled by a few large corporations.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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